Do You Know: How Splitwise Makes Money?

Aug 19, 2022 By Triston Martin


How Splitwise Makes Money? Groups of individuals, including friends, relatives, and roommates, may divide expenses, pay them off, and keep track of their overall spending using Splitwise's Business Model. To get started, download the Splitwise app for free on an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or Android), then request that your travelling companions do the same on their own devices. Anyone in your group can add bills and other recurring obligations, and Splitwise will keep track of the total amount still owing and the dates on which payments are due. Members of the group can contribute without incurring any additional costs. Splitwise can send an IOU to another user or notify another via email when a bill is about to become due.

The programme is promoted as a tool for managing local and remote obligations, including rent, meals, transportation costs, and other liabilities. Users can enter and preserve notes in Splitwise detail on what each party owes to whom and why. There is no longer necessary to save paper receipts because the service enables the insertion of any expense at the same time it is incurred. For about $3 per month, existing Splitwise accounts can upgrade to Splitwise Pro; however, this cost may vary monthly or annually depending on the country of origin, the date the account was founded, local taxes and restrictions, and other factors. Existing Splitwise accounts can upgrade to Splitwise Pro. Less advertising is shown to pro users. They also get other benefits like a receipt scanning and itemization service, a currency converter, an expense search, and early access to recently added features.

Splitwise's Companies

A mobile app and web platform called Splitwise uses financial technology. People's financial procedures can be streamlined and modernized with the aid of the goods and services offered by this developing market. It competes with bill-splitting apps like Tab, Pay Up, and Splid that offer comparable services to make it easier for groups to split bills and settle debts. Users can use digital transactions rather than physical currency when utilizing Splitwise.

Fundraising and Financials of Splitwise's Industry

The size of the user base for the company is a closely kept secret. Splitwise, however, it has collected more than $30 million from investors throughout five rounds since its launch in 2011, indicating outside interest in accelerating the company's development. The company received $20 million in the capital during its most recent round.

Users who send or receive money using their debit or credit card could have to pay transaction fees, which Splitwise might take a cut off. It is impossible to tell whether or not this revenue source is crucial to the business because Splitwise does not make its financial information easily accessible. Even if payments involve additional costs, Splitwise can keep its service free for consumers because the actual debt settlement is conducted outside the app.

Splitwise is a web application that runs on Macs, PCs, and mobile devices like iPhones and Androids. Splitwise is offered without charge. Hence, the company doesn't make any money off of its customer base. Random advertising and Splitwise Pro, a premium subscription upgrade service, account for most of Splitwise's revenue.

Contrary to what is implied in advertising, consumers of Splitwise's free service hardly ever, if ever, view commercials. It is challenging to determine whether or not Splitwise generates a sizeable amount of revenue through advertisements and, if so, what these figures would be because the company doesn't make its financials available to the public.

Developments in the Splitwise industry

Splitwise Inc. has announced the completion of a $20 million Series A investment round. Insight Partners led the round, a pioneer in venture capital and private equity worldwide. According to a news statement from the firm, the money will be used to hire more employees, expand Splitwise's clientele internationally, and establish new alliances with fintech and financial services platforms. On the Splitwise platform, $90 billion in transactions have been split in the ten years since the company's founding.

How Do You Use Splitwise?

Splitwise is a mobile app that may be used on various devices. It functions as an electronic IOU, making it simple to determine who owes what in a group. Use of alternative apps is one of your payment alternatives.


The fact that more money is being invested in Splitwise is promising since it shows that there is a need for the financial services that the company provides. Although Splitwise doesn't disclose the number of users it currently has, the firm appears to be on the verge of growth, and it stands to reason that there will always be a need for an app that makes it easier for groups of friends and family to keep track of money that is owed.

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